Love it? Approve it!

Just make sure you check it first…

We’ve rolled up our sleeves to produce the goods – and we hope you’re happy with the outcome of our work. Whilst we’ve double checked that everything is as it should be, final responsibility for the accuracy of this project rests with you, our terrific client.

Please ensure that you thoroughly check the artwork and/or copy that’s supplied. We’ve created the below approval checklist with a list of common items to consider which you might find handy.

Details & Spelling

  • All wording and phrasing has been typed correctly
  • General spelling and grammar is correct
  • Spelling of any names and places are correct
  • Product names/models are correct and in the right order
  • Any facts, figures and/or pricing are correct
  • All contact numbers (phone, fax, mobile) are correct
  • Physical, email and web addresses are correct and working
  • Text and disclaimers are at a readable size


  • All logos and tag lines are correct
  • Correct fonts are used
  • Correct colours are used
  • Any mandatory content is included
  • Style/corporate guidelines have been followed correctly

Design & Layout

  • Text has been formatted correctly
  • All text is spaced properly
  • Content is properly aligned
  • All images are correct and in the correct spot
  • Images are cropped properly
  • High resolution images have been provided (if requested)
  • Page order is correct (if applicable)

Ready to go?

Please provide written approval (email is fine!) to give your project the green light. Simply write to us and include the word ‘APPROVED‘ in your communications. That’s it!

At this point, we’ll release your final files to their end destination, including, but not limited to, publishers, printers, developers, recording studios, your customers or yourself.

And don’t forget…


You are responsible for any offers, disclaimers, terms, conditions or other legalities within the work we create for you. It is your duty to seek your own legal advice in relation to service, products and offers you advertise. We do our best to alert you of any obvious ‘red flags’ we foresee, however we are not across all current laws and any feedback we give should not be considered as legal advice.


You guarantee to us that any elements of text, graphics, photos, designs, trademarks, or other content that you provide us for inclusion in any work we create for you is either owned by yourself, or that you have permission to use it.


We do our best to set up print files correctly using CMYK and pantone colour systems. Since all computer monitors and devices display colour differently, we cannot guarantee printed colours will match colours viewed on-screen in digital proofs.

If there’s an error in your approved project…

If an error is discovered which was not raised before the final approval is received, it’s your responsibility and Kick&Co will not be liable for any additional costs involved to rectify the problem. Any revisions and/or error corrections made after final approval may be deemed ‘new work’ and invoiced in addition to agreed fees.

If you drag your feet…

We get it, businesses are busy and inboxes can overflow. We’ll work to the deadline that we agree on together, though these depend on your timely approvals. If we miss a deadline because approval is received late, we won’t wear any additional costs or penalties.