Our team went remote on 9 March 2020 and we’re happy to report we haven’t missed a beat. With video conferencing and instant messaging we’ve been able to keep pace during a stressful and uncertain time for our clients.

We’re delighted to once again be attending face-to-face meetings and we’re also available in any capacity via phone, email, Messenger, Teams or Zoom. We’re ready with your marketing strategy for business survival during coronavirus and effective creative to reach your customers.

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A Word from Our Director

“To turn, turn will be our delight ‘til by turning, turning we’ll come ‘round right.”

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Here we are two months into our self-isolation. It’s been a time of discovery for all of us at Kick whilst we manage families, working from home and questions about the future. Has this changed the what, why and how we do marketing, advertising and creative forever? It’s hard to be sure right now but here’s a few things we’ve learned.


What we do has faced a huge shift. It’s the biggest pivot we’ve made as an agency and it’s allowed us to flex some powerful skills. Our clients have come to see the indispensable value of working with us on strategy and planning for every campaign. And, yes, our clients are still reaping excellent ROI on their ad campaigns, even when some have had to shift platforms. Brainstorming, analysing customer data, creating goals alongside our clients has become a huge portion of our day. We’re understanding our biggest clients’ businesses and brands better than ever and that’s translating into clear, dynamic ways forward.

On top of strategy, we’re working more than ever with brands large and small on their customer experience. From the way they’re communicating to creating engaging automated customer journeys to reducing friction in their sales experience, smart companies are holding high their customers. Creating a better customer experience has allowed us to help businesses clarify everything from their mission to their tech stack. We’re loving the opportunities to engage with this area of our expertise and help our clients overhaul and optimise their CX.


Full disclosure, we at Kick are brutal with our ‘why’ or our ‘purpose’. We tear it apart at least quarterly as a team and analyse every word. It absolutely must inspire us, it absolutely must be true and it must align with our extensive list of values. And with one of these punch-ons coming up, I won’t even quote it for you here.

Here’s where I think it’s going:

We empower brands to inspire their customers to love their products and services.

First, we lift you – the brand – up. We show you the way. The strategy, the new customer experience, the key messaging. And, if you want us to, we create for you based on all of that. In turn, it is your people inspiring the customers to love what you create. We give you the plan to bring them, engage with them, delight them. You provide them with a product that goes above their expectations.


This is the question on many minds – what is our ad landscape going to look like after all this is done?

For a lot of people, OOH advertising is dead right? But we’re discounting a lot of technological advances that will be greeting us soon after ‘’normal life’’ resumes. Facial recognition technology has made huge strides and those display ads in shopping centres and at the bus station – they’re about to get smarter for it. Time watching alongside demographics (who’s watching) will be available metrics in the near future. When we all get to travelling again, AR ads on your device specific to the location you’re in could be joining you in your next tourist selfie.

The point is, ad mixes are going to become digitally heavier again soon (think FB, Google, etc.) and then begin to spread across new technologies as they become more widely adopted. It also wouldn’t be surprising if more sources of news began to take back control of the display ads on their online papers and websites currently held by the Google display network. Stay tuned for that fun.

So the ‘how’ for us at Kick is important from the perspective of letting you know the best way to access your customers and having the tech know-how to be able to serve them the kind of content they want on the platform they’re using. But we know it’s going to change and we’re cool with that.


I think the most important revelation from COVID is what the psychologists have been drumming into us for the past five years or so, “Resilience is a crucial factor for success.” And being resilient doesn’t mean weathering the storm and hanging in there until stuff’s back to normal. It means being plastic, flexible – trying new things and not relying on the old standbys. The simple truth is, things won’t be the same. And maybe for the better. Our what, why and how – they’re free to move too.

So don’t bother ‘’hanging in there’’ and waiting for your normal to come bounding back. Pivot, shift, transform. We’ll be there for you on the journey.

Director – Kick&Co

A Word from Our Director

Dear Clients and Friends,

We’re all at the beginning of what is going prove to be a challenging time for everyone personally and professionally. I wanted to reach out with a message to acknowledge that globally we’re in the midst of a crisis and no one knows exactly how the coming months will play out for brands. Many of us have already made difficult decisions around staff, budgets and delaying growth due to the impending threat COVID-19 is bringing to our industries. As marketing and creative advisors, we’ve been in the trenches with many of our clients during the past few weeks strategising and planning for the journey ahead. It’s clear that those who act now will emerge from this time thriving.

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