Covid marketing impact

Navigating the post-pandemic marketing landscape

 Working from home, remote learning, telehealth, the power of tech tools — this year has seen the world undergo somewhat of a digital revolution, in part fast-tracked by the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

As a result, the marketing landscape has never been so dynamic. It has however also undergone a further fragmentation, which can make marketing seem a challenging and intimidating beast to tame.

Email, Google, social media — your customers are spread out across a variety of channels. And across those channels they are bombarded by content from many brands. But the consumer is empowered too. If you’re not creating engaging and meaningful content that is relevant to them, they just might click ‘hide’ in your ads and switch off from you altogether.

The good news is that finding your prospects is easier with the ability to harness the power of data to target the right content to the right consumers and meet them where they are. And instead of needing to have big bucks to spend on television campaigns (not so necessary now that we all have our miniature screens on our person at all times), the playing field has levelled out and every brand has the chance to make their mark.

Who knows, your next video might just go viral? (Wait, is that word taboo now?!)

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