Fairhaven Homes

Fairhaven Homes

A partnership that feels like home

Fairhaven Homes is a Melbourne-based property builder dedicated to lifestyle-focused family living. Their philosophy is simple: premium quality and luxury shouldn’t come with a high price tag. It’s a big part of the reason people from all sides of Melbourne are flocking to the builder to create their ideal home.

Client: Fairhaven Homes
Services: Art Direction, Branding, Design, Brochures, Landing Pages, Advertising


Laying foundations for success.

We began our relationship with Fairhaven Homes working on nailing their basics, and today, we provide a full suite of marketing and advertising solutions as their exclusive creative agency partner.

It all started with creating distinct, yet connected, identities for the builder’s three home product ranges: Simplicity, Bridgewater and Elegance.

During this critical first commission we created modern, professional and refined logos for each of the three ‘sub-brands’ that cater to different target markets. This eventually extended to a refresh of marketing collateral, including the 2019 range product brochures which are essential selling tools for the business.

Gaining Momentum

Breaking new ground.

Since joining with Fairhaven Homes, we’ve worked on a range of projects and campaigns across the business, including exploring uncharted territory.

This includes developing campaign briefs, brochures, landing pages, digital and social advertising, press advertising, billboards, radio and most recently, Fairhaven Homes’ first TV commercial to amplify their freshly designed product ranges.

Other notable collaborations include:

  • Developing all creative and visual assets for Fairhaven Homes’ #BidForMaddie No Reserve Charity Auction – where they sold a home in Point Cook with proceeds going to Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision.
  • Creating the myHAVEN Selection Studio, a new name and logo for the Fairhaven ‘colour room’ – a bespoke display centre customers visit to select their finishes, fittings and upgrades.
  • And creating Modern Living – a sub-brand for Fairhaven Homes’ townhouse and land department. As part of this new brand we developed a new logo, style and colour palette along with custom landing pages, brochures, billboards and digital advertising for Modern Living developments.
Modern Living Landing Page
Bridgewater myHAVEN TVC
Elegance brochure
Bridgewater brochure
Elegance brochure
Landing Page – Simplicity
MRV Charity Auction Billboard
Animated Banner Advert – RentBuster
Knock-down Rebuild brochure
Knock-down Rebuild brochure


A smart partnership

Like many other businesses, Fairhaven Homes had been let down in the past by creative agencies that over promise and under-deliver. Though slightly scathed, they agreed to partner with us, opting to work on a retainer in order to get best value and ongoing service.

Over time, we’re proud to have nurtured a transparent relationship and have gained deep knowledge about the intricacies of the business and their long-term goals. It’s been a smart and satisfying way to work, that has produced successful campaigns with outstanding results.

“I really appreciate the efforts put in and the quality of the outcome that has been produced. I'd like to thank everyone at Kick&Co for going above and beyond”

Jake Munday GM of Sales & Marketing – Fairhaven Homes