Narva Ultima L.E.D 215

Narva Automotive Lighting & Electrical

Ultima L.E.D 215 Driving Light Retail Launch

First established in 1953, Brown & Watson International Pty Ltd is a leading supplier of high quality NARVA automotive lighting and electrical accessories to the automotive, heavy transport, recreational vehicle, mining, marine and agricultural industries throughout Australasia and the Pacific region.

Today more than 5,000 individual part numbers make up the NARVA range in Australia’s most comprehensive market leading catalogue.

Client: Narva Automotive Lighting & Electrical
Services: Design, Art Direction, Website, Print & Digital Marketing


A relatively late arriver to the market, the Ultima L.E.D 215 needed to make noise in an already busy market.

Narva knew that their  Ultima L.E.D 215 wasn’t the first L.E.D driving light to market… but they did know it was the best. After years of Australian development and testing, their new showcase piece was easily the strongest and most powerful light available.

Our challenge was to cut through the competition to introduce ‘the 215’ and ensure it was the must have lighting equipment for any serious 4x4er, camper, grey nomad, farmer or trucker.


Rather than beating our chests about being the brightest or most durable, we focused on creating something aspirational.

Narva products are premium. There are many cheaper alternatives in the market but if you want to ‘look the business’, you need Narva.

We created a tag line for the 215s – Engineered for You. The 215s were engineered in Australia and they were designed to be versatile – fitting both road trains and family SUVs. The’ye stylish and even their coloured trims can be customised. There is no arguing, the 215 was developed with ‘you’ in mind.

Traffic from the aspirational marketing was then driven to a microsite to support our claim and ‘wow’ viewers with the supreme technical features of the lights.

Ultima Social Media


Initially struggling to keep up with demand, the Ultima L.E.D 215 is now a major player in the market. 

Sales of the 215 exceeded expectations and it is now a well known product name. What’s more, Narva has once again cement it’s place as one of the biggest players in the Automotive Lighting market. The launch has been hailed as Narva’s greatest and most successful marketing campaign to date. With new arrivals to the Ultima L.E.D line, Kick&Co have helped Narva to launch many more innovative lighting products including the Ultima 175 180 and 225 driving lights.

“I love having direct access to the key staff on my account. I have full trust that Kick&Co will deliver quality work on time and at a fair price.”

Jake Smith Marketing Manager – Brown & Watson International