Hartwood Estate Berwick - Parklea

Hartwood Berwick

Hartwood will become a premium land estate in Berwick, 41 kilometres south-east of Melbourne’s CBD. With an abundance of open land and community areas synonymous with Parklea developments, Parklea work tirelessly to create a close sense of community and belonging. This is the driver for the Hartwood brand.

Client: Parklea
Services: Naming, Branding, Positioning, Print and OOH Marketing, Web Design & Development


A premium estate… coming soon.

Over the years we’ve learnt that some land developments can take years (or even decades) to get off the ground, however whilst the bureaucratic paperwork is taken care of the fun stuff like naming and branding can already begin. This is the case with Parklea’s latest Berwick development, Hartwood. When the green light is finally given, we’re fully prepared to launch the new brand.


Hartwood is strong, confident and masculine.

An adaptation of the word Heartwood, Hartwood evokes a strong central core, community, family, warmth, nature, growth and country living. It echoes the warm community feel that Parklea works tirelessly to create in its land estates. The unique spelling gives the name a touch of individuality and a hint of elegance, resulting in a more premium sounding estate, while the capitalised serif wordmark gives a strong, grounded feel. By connecting the ‘T’ and ‘W’, the two words ‘Hart’ and ‘Wood’ become one, representing the idea of a strong, unified central core.

The theme growing strong has been developed. It’s visually represented by a pulse-like ripple or timber cross-section pattern which is based on a topographical map of the area.