Projecta Battery Power

A forgotten favorite - the Intellicharge Dual Battery Charger.

Projecta is today recognised as Australasia’s market leader in high quality Battery Maintenance and Battery Power Products. Many Projecta products are designed and engineered by highly qualified personnel within the Projecta team and are manufactured to precise specifications by world class suppliers. The range includes Battery Chargers, Solar Panels and Controllers, Power Management, Jump Starters, Inverters, Booster Cables, Battery Terminals and Cables and Battery Maintenance products.


Recharging a once market leader

If you’re an avid camper or motorhomer you’ll know that keeping your batteries charged is vital to ensuring your beer stays cold and your phone doesn’t die.

Batteries can be charged using solar panels or by your vehicle’s alternator as you head to your favorite destination. A few years back Projecta developed the world’s most advanced DC/Solar battery charger to accommodate this. The IDC25 simultaneously charges from both sources, works with virtually any vehicle and boasts a range of safety features to withstand extreme heat, dust, water, power surges and overcharging. When launched, it was truly one-of-a-kind and the go-to charger for informed adventurers. So much so, Projecta needed to do very little marketing for the IDC25.

It was only a matter of time before competitors caught on however and started to replicate Projecta’s technology. Not only that, they began heavily marketing their products with these ‘improved’ features, making would-be consumers question if the IDC25 was as good. Soon the competitor’s products were outselling the IDC25.


A playful poke

With no promotion for the IDC25 and competitors continually spruiking their ‘new improvements’ in aggressive marketing campaigns, Projecta’s IDC25 sales were dropping. They urgently needed a strategy of their own.

The line ‘Making tracks for others to follow‘ was developed as a call to adventurous campers who demand the best (and a little poke at Projecta’s competition). Projecta led their own marketing assault by targeting national 4×4, caravan and camping digital and print publications, leaving no doubt that the IDC25 revolutionised the market and that they’re currently developing even more advanced products for the near future.