Sexpo Australia

Mixing tech and pleasure

Conceived in Melbourne, SEXPO is the longest-running adult consumer exhibition in the world. Having attracted several million visitors over 20 years, SEXPO is also one of the busiest consumer exhibitions in Australia. SEXPO is not just about sex. It’s about celebrating all lifestyles and sexualities.

Client: Sexpo Australia
Services: Digital Advertising


Everybody loves a robot

We were approached by a digital partner who had a client needing help with their online banners. Their in-house team could build static and GIF animated artwork, but they needed something to visually ‘pop’ and wow audiences. When we found out that the client was SEXPO, our attention was roused. As part of their Sydney exposition, they were set to unveil a showstopper – the world’s most advanced ‘fembot.’ Our job was to capture audience interest using video of the fembot, working within the concept that ‘everybody loves a robot.’


HTML5 Video Banners

Adding video into display banners presents a couple of challenges: firstly, the banners need to be built in precise HTML5 coding (complete with file size limitations) and secondly, displaying a 16:9 ratio video on multiple banner sizes is tricky, to say the least. We worked with SEXPO to develop key messages and a clear direction for the ads before getting to work on design and editing the videos. The final task was writing code to ensure the banners animated correctly and that the video loaded and played without a hitch.

In other words, lots of decidedly technical and unsexy work – but proudly, the outcome was titillating. Our finished product peaked the attention of viewers and more than helped convert clicks into ticket sales.