Yumi's Quality Foods

Yumi’s Quality Foods

Yumi's Rebrand Launch Marketing Campaign

Born out of a Ripponlea fish and chip shop, Yumi’s range of quality products are now a popular choice for consumers and found in all of the major supermarkets across the country. Yumi’s pride themselves on using trusted family recipes and real produce in their products. Their extensive range of dips are great with crackers and a fantastic flavour boost to soups, pastas and just about any home cooked meal.

Client: Yumi's Quality Foods
Services: Design, Art Direction, Outdoor


It was a simple but important message, modern new look, same great product. Yumi’s wanted to attract new customers whilst not upsetting their existing devoted fans.

Yumi’s spent 12 months with a branding firm to revitalise their visual identity in order to better align with their product’s values and compete in larger markets. It was an exciting time for the company, however as the roll-out date approached, hesitations surfaced over the ability for existing customer’s to recognise the updated packaging. We were engaged to help create awareness of the change whilst attracting new customers in the process.


A three stage attack to introduce, inform and challenge.

Over 3 billboard flights running from July to November on virtually every major billboard in every capital city, our aim was to introduce the new Yumi’s look, inform that Yumi’s was a superior product at a comparable price, and challenge people’s perception of what a dip could be. It’s no longer just for chips and crackers, a tub of Yumi’s adds a dimension to many home cooked favorites.

Outdoor media confines the number of words which can be used to get a message across and a successful billboard must be clear and to the point. For the first flight we settled for a direct message – ‘New look, real ingredients, same great taste’. The imagery echoed the fresh quality produce used in Yumi’s products, echoing their new positioning statement.

We could then get more creative for the following flights by showing that Yumi’s wasn’t ‘just a dip’. We brainstormed many creative one-liners including ‘Ditch the crackers’,  ‘One tub, endless potential’, ‘Why dip when you can dollop’ and ‘Use our family recipes to make yours’. With imagery showcasing a variety of foods that can be produced with Yumi’s products, we launched the ‘Yumi’s. Endless possibilities‘ campaign.