Zen Den Botanicals

Beautiful design, naturally

Terra Mamas started as an Instagram page and has grown to become one of Australia’s most popular producers of artisan detox aromatherapy and cleaning sprays. The Zen Den line
focuses on natural products and proudly contains no synthetic ingredients.

Client: Zen Den
Services: Branding


When Science Meets Nature

Terra Mamas engaged us to develop the personality of their new brand.

Zen Den Botanicals features a premium range of aromatherapy and cleaning sprays that draws on the power of pure essential oils. Their angle, ‘where science and nature meet your senses’ summed up the brand and products perfectly.

Inspired by the raw ingredients used, along with the ancient practice of Zen, we set out to strike a balance between old and new in the design language. We took straight lines from the logo and combined them with natural imagery and colours throughout the branding.

The result is a refreshing look for an inspired brand which we’ve long since become addicted to.