We can pretty much agree the last two years have been crap and the impact of the lockdowns have been devastating for many people, families, and businesses.

We all felt it.

This inspired the team at Kick&Co to see what we could do to tip the scales, and what started out as individuals doing the smallest acts of kindness within our communities, soon showed us we had to do more. So, team Kick collaborated with some amazing humans to get a brand-new project off the ground.

Introducing ‘SpreadLove2Day’, an agenda-free initiative aiming to do exactly what the title suggests, spread a bit of the good stuff around.

We are determined to make a difference but we know it takes many hands to do so and that’s where you come in.

We’ve created a website with beautifully designed resources that you can download, print and share. We also have a bunch of challenges that encourage you to lean in and make someone’s day.

We ask you to share on your socials, in your communities or with your own clients and be a part of something amazing. We also have a limited stock of gorgeous free stickers available, so if you’re keen to display them in your business get in touch and we’ll send some out to you.

This means the world to us, so if you’d like to know more or do more, please contact me.

From our hearts to yours,
Louisa & the Kick Team

PS: Head over to our Insta page for a peek of what we’ve already been up to and remember to tag #spreadlove2day in your own posts.

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